Canadian Christmas Wreaths
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Do the wreaths require any special care after hanging?

If you hang your wreath indoors, mist every other day to keep the boughs fresh and fragrant. Avoid hanging your wreath between two doors on a southern exposure which will create a greenhouse effect and cause the wreath to turn brown. You may notice some loose needles in the carton upon unpacking. This is a natural and unavoidable occurrence called sprilling and is not cause for concern. If you are not going to hang your wreath immediately, please store in a cool place.

Do the centerpieces get shipped at the same time as the wreaths?

Not necessarily. Centerpieces are usually shipped during the second week of December to ensure a fresh tabletop arrangement for Christmas Day. Wreaths usually begin shipping during the third week of November and will remain fresh outside until well after the holiday season.

What is the deadline for shipping product to the United States?

Orders will be accepted for US destinations until the end of November.

What supplementary information do you require for US destined packages?

US destined packages must contain a street address (not a PO Box) and a local telephone number.

How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

The Canada Post website contains delivery service standards.

All of our products are shipped by Canada Post via their Expedited Parcel service.

Do larger wreath orders require special information requirements?

Larger wreath orders can be handled faster and more efficiently if the information is formatted in an Excel Spreadsheet. Please contact us for a sample spreadsheet. Orders can also be safely processed through our secure online store.